Whistler Biker Travel Expenses

My recent travel to Whistler has been my fourth time there. It will seem expensive, but when you get there for the stunning sights and stoked experiences, you'll see why it'll be worth it.


In between the flights and the accommodations is all the luggage-hauling. Tourist or not, bringing bikes and bike equipment is a workout itself. Thankfully, I had joined a travel squad along the way.

These guys made sure I got my luggage and I got on my bus on time. I should've tipped our potential tour guide Cierra an extra hug or two.


The drive up from Vancouver to Whistler takes around two hours, but I found it difficult to take a nap when the view was just golden.


My room at the Alpenglow lodge had the most relaxing view. It was about time to sink into the sheets, but it wasn't a long rest overnight before I had to gear up.



I came here with all my riding gear from helmet to pedals. Planning which riding kit to mix and match is necessary when you know Coast Mountain Photography is in the trails. $25 per photo will be worth it when you see that camera flash at the big Fade to Black drop.



The bike I rented over the phone is a new one that wasn't even on the Whistler Demo Center web page yet. A fresh hot pink Canyon Sender in size Small was waiting for me to bring it up the chairlifts.


Assuming you have your Canada visa done and approved, here are my expenses which may be an example for that dream trip you're planning.

roundtrip flights  US$1200 = P64,800
roundtrip airport train & bus commute  CA$50 = P2,000
5 nights accommodation  CA$670 = P26,800
4 days bike rental with damage insurance  CA$600 = P24,000
4 days lift tickets  CA$310 = P12,400
meals at $50 per day  CA$300 = P12,000
drinks at $30 per day  CA$180 = P7,200
 Total  P149,200


This was the photo taken during the Fade to Black riding video, which you can watch on the @gearupgarage Instagram.



Doing all the tiring riding in the day balances out when you get to meet other lively souls over beers and shots. If you're feeling generous, or if you've found the courage to buy that stunner a drink, allow for the drinks part of the travel expenses to swell. Bottom's up on the Whislife 'til 1am closing time!


- Kal