Whistler A-Line Progression

Pushing your limits is getting comfortable with your fears.

After making a steady progression, this is my first time clearing [most of] the A-Line jump trail at Whistler Mountain Bike Park, BC, Canada. I am no professional rider. I just like to ride the thrill. If you are looking to start clearing A-Line or any intimidating trail like I recently did, here are some things you could try.


  1. Find someone to pull you along.
  2. Hold the speed.
  3. Stay relaxed.
  4. Give it pop.


The next airtime trails to aim for are now Dirt Merchant and Crabapple Hits.

If you have any questions about the travel, trails, or GoPro setup, feel free to ask by commenting on this post. Here is the video where you can hear me shouting the stoke out. Enjoy the smooth ride!

- Kal