Turbo Kenevo Roval Rim Stickers


The all-black color scheme was stealthy, but the ripe yellow Öhlins rear shock was a standout. Visually, the rest of the bike had to have some yellow for consistency and balance. I found the specific rim stickers at the Richard Scott Design website. There were four cut pieces of the Roval logo, so I could install only one on each side of the rims, and keep the existing gray Roval stickers on the opposite sides.


Before installing the stickers, I made sure to wash and clean the surface of the rims. They semi-flexible material followed the curves of the rims smoothly, and I had no air bubbles during installation. Though the new stickers are not colored yellow as warm as the Öhlins coil spring, they still look great.


Do you agree that these yellow rim stickers look great with the bike?


- Kal