Motocross in the Canadian Prairies

While I was in Manitoba, I met with former Filipino downhill MTB racer Sean Cura. Grunthal MX was our destination, which was less than an hour of a drive from downtown Winnipeg. The drive through the plains with Ronel and Apel was noticeably nearly complete when there was dust visible in the air. I rolled down my windows to have our ears buzzed by the mix of two-stroke and four-stroke machines.

Sean and I were only there to see some action as we did not have our own ponies to ride. Walking through the pedestrian tunnels towards the middle of the action makes us wish we could eventually have our own setups within the next five years.

Apart from meeting a handful of riders and teammates who wish to see the photos I took with my big-ass camera, meeting Matt and Corey of FXR was my highlight of the day. Let us look forward to potential future projects! Maybe a feature of the FXR office first?

- Kal