7th Gen Celica GT rear drum to disc brake conversion


I went from drum brakes to show-stopping disc brakes with the following parts:


GT-S rear brake backing plates - used

knuckle bolts - new

8x M10-1.25mm X 40mm 

GT-S parking brake shoes - new

Centric 111.07960

GT-S parking brake hardware - new

GT-S rear brake rotors - new

Power Stop drilled & slotted silver zinc dicromate plated (K2318 kit)

GT-S rear brake pads - new

Power Stop Z23 Evolution carbon-fiber ceramic (K2318 kit)

GT-S rear calipers - remanufactured

GT-S rear brake pad mounting hardware - new

Centric 11744055

GT-S rear caliper mounting hardware - new 

Carlson 14147:
2x M10-1.25mmx60mm 17mm hex head
2x M10-1.25mmx80mm 14mm flange hex head
2x M10 split lock washers
+2x additional M10 washers

GT-S rear brake lines - new

StopTech 950.44005 stainless steel brake line pair

parking brake cable - re-used and modified existing GT cable

Tools needed:

socket wrench set
cleaning spray
steel brush
brake bleeder
mallet or hammer
I was able to use the GT knuckles in this conversion. At the surface that bolts onto the knuckle, I found that the GT-S caliper backing plate is about 5mm thicker than the GT drum backing plate. This will be equivalent to using 5mm spacers on your rear wheel offset.

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- Kalvin Sumagui